Ohio v. Santa Claus

Please enjoy this case, State of Ohio v. Santa Claus, 774 N.E.2d 807, 119 Ohio Misc.2d 124, 2002-Ohio-4228 (Ohio Mun. Ct. 2002).  Believe it or not, the humorless Warren (Ohio) Law Department prosecuted Santa Claus, a real person, for having a fictitious state ID.  As the ho-ho-honorable judge held, “Santa and the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (‘BMV’) have had a solid and ongoing relationship for 20 years.”  You pretty much have to read the case to believe it; and you’ll be rewarded with the appendix, a photo of the real state ID in question, issued to Santa Claus on 1 Noel Drive.

Merry Christmas to all!

Case link: Ohio v. Santa Claus