First class isn’t classy

I wrote this and posted it on a Delta Diamond Medallion group.

Our kind has no future. Why are first-class people such assholes?!

I am in 3A.

3B – I said “Hello,” then “How’s it going,” then made direct eye contact with him. No response whatsoever. I’m not looking to date the guy — and I have work to do, I’m not looking for a 1-hour conversation here — but if we’re going to be buddies, can I get a human, verbal acknowledgment?
4B – He is telling 4A about his life. His first transfer was to Greenwich, Connecticut. “What a cluster.” He has stepchildren who are “pieces of shit. When they backtalk their mom, I just say, ‘Get with the fucking program. Don’t cry to me.’ Not my kids.” He sagely intimates that he has corporate secrets about 4A’s company that he knows she wishes she knew. “I am on these things [jets] all the time. Alllll the time.”
3C – He is seated across the aisle. His phone has some kind of voice recognition software that doesn’t work. He is repeatedly yammering things into it. Every time he does that, an obnoxious tone goes off that, if I can hear in 3A, is being heard by 12 other people. This has happened eight times at least.
3D – She put two large bags into the overhead bins. Thank God her foot area is completely empty. She deserves her comfort. Her Platinum luggage tag is hanging out of the bin.
1B – The FA specifically advised him to keep his seat belt on because he won’t follow the sign.

We are supposed to represent the BEST in flying — the most urbane, the most sophisticated, the ones who love what it can do but who accept the limits and don’t demand the impossible (planes flying in blizzards, unlimited room, edible meals). Instead I am surrounded by douches. These people are antisocial bastards who have taken all the joy out of flying. Why? I have no hope.

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