Pet Shop Boys set list for Donald Trump’s campaign

It couldn’t happen here. The prospect of a Trump win in the presidential election is looked on with horror by a solid majority of the developed world (even if you include the United States as a “developed country,” which some recent events have led me to doubt). But it’s not over till it’s over and we’re all living in a gilded prison, left to our own devices.

So, to cheer up those Pet Shop Boys fans seeking indefinite leave to remain, I give you my PSB set list for the Donald Trump presidential campaign. It’s broken into three parts: the announcement phase; the heavy campaign phase; and what I hope will be coming soon, the failed campaign aftermath phase. I had to make some editorial calls — I could have included even more (The Former Enfant Terrible, z.B.) — but I wanted to give you the full horror without going overboard. Links to particularly choice vids or campaign moments are included.

Name of track Album or single

Announcement phase

Did you see me coming? [Escalator mix] Yes
Winner Elysium
Flamboyant Fundamentalism
Delusions of grandeur Red Letter Day single
New York City boy Nightlife
Building a wall [10’ higher megamix] Yes
One and one make five / Two divided by zero [Tax plan megamix] Very; Please
Minimal [Policy details minimix] Fundamental
How can you expect to be taken seriously? Very
Shameless Alternative

Campaign phase

I wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing [Republican primary voters’ mix] Very
I’m with stupid Fundamental
A man could get arrested [Rally protestor mix] Alternative
Do I have to? [Chris Christie endorsement dub] Alternative
Dreaming of the Queen [Moving to Canada megamix] Very
Face like that [Carly Fiorina facial mix] Elysium
It couldn’t happen here Actually
In denial Nightlife
Losing my mind Alternative
Screaming Nightlife CD2
I want to wake up Alternative
Pandemonium Yes
It’s a sin [“There has to be some form of punishment” mix] Actually
The end of the world Behavior

Campaign aftermath

The dictator decides Super
Betrayed Se a vida é single
After the event Did you see me coming? single
To step aside Bilingual
What have I done to deserve this? Actually
You know where you went wrong Alternative
Was it worth it? Discography

God bless these United States.

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