Hello, and welcome to the Bill Cash III personal web site — live, or live-ish, since 2002. That’s long enough to get from first grade through college. (Longtime readers of this site will have learned rather less than that much.)

I’m an American lawyer, about to get gay-married, and dividing my time between Pensacola and Chicago. I am also a hellishly frequent flyer.

This site is mainly personal and semi-professional musings, and it serves as a more-permanent sink for my thoughts, photos, and public proclamations than other web outlets like that flash in the pan, “social media.” It’s odd having a web log going this long. My early stuff, it seemed good at the time. It probably isn’t. (And when I run for president, future newspeople will tell you all about how bad my early stuff was.)


  • The defense of our democracy, and the expansion of beneficent and exceptional American values throughout the world
  • Cycling
  • All things Britain
  • Pet Shop Boys
  • Chicago
  • The CHI Tai
  • Flying
  • Travel (not the same as flying)
  • Working out
  • Going Metric!
  • The old Bell System

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