One more thing lost

I’m watching The Pelican Brief (and I’m only 20 minutes in).  Two things stand out.  First of all, Cynthia Nixon played one of Julia Roberts’ law student friends, which is kind of hot.  I guess she got her Sex and The City J.D. by having a part in this film.

Second, I loved — as I always do — the library scene where Julia Roberts rifles through countless dusty old law books, trying to figure out who might have killed the Supreme Court justices.  You can feel the drama.  Then I thought about it: in the digital age, there is no dramatic dusty old book scene.  There’s just Julia Roberts, staring slackjawed at shitty old Westlaw.  Hollywood is never going to put together any frantic iPad research sequence.  (“Turn it to portrait orientation!  Hurry!”)  I hate the iPad and all it is doing to the death of print.

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  1. Justme says:

    It is nice to see is back. I wanted to let you know I have been rearranging the basement and came across the old SPY book and some other favorites. BAMBI, with Thumper laughing.
    You are right about today’s comments. There is no substitute for the look and feel of old books and the discovery of something new and exciting in the books. How else can you go back and linger and look at the favorite page over and over? Going back and looking at a web page or image is not the same.