So long and thanks for all the fish

Well, everyone, I’m off to Europe for a much-needed week of rest and relaxation. I’m going to Berlin first, then Amsterdam. Barring any more labor unrest over at US Airways, I’ll be on the plane for the big 2-0-0-5. (Did I just dial it out one digit at a time? Yes.)

We’re gonna take one laptop and, by my count, eleven bags, three cameras, and four phones. I think this is about right. I’m also carrying two dictionaries and three passports. (Don’t ask.)

I’ll be trying to post entries and maybe a photo or two for my adoring fans, so watch this space. But I can’t guarantee that I’ll answer e-mail or even write here; I’m sure you understand I’d prefer to be out enjoying myself in freezing weather than stuck in the hotel on a computer.

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