What’s wrong with people? II

A word of caution about the Happy Greek. A couple months ago, I got home late on a Sunday night and wanted to buy hummus. Unfortunately, I got to the restaurant about half an hour late, and even though they still had customers in there, the mean woman at the bar yelled at me and told me they were closed. She knew I wanted to buy the hummus! It’s $8.50 a pint! Take my money, please!

Tonight I bought some during dinner for take-away. Not only was I taxed on it, when the waitress brought it out, each pint was only about 2/3 full. Well, at these disgustingly high prices, I just had to send it back. When she came back (it certainly wasn’t her fault) she told me that the owner said it was correct, but he went ahead and added some more anyway.

Excuse me, but at $68 a gallon, you would think I could get the damn containers full, without the attitude and without the tax. I mean, it’s very good, but come on! Anyone else got a horror story?

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2 Responses

  1. Justme says:

    There’s no hummus like Greek Hummus
    Like no Hummus I know

    Everything about it is appealing
    Everything the traffic will allow
    Nowhere could you get that happy feeling
    When you are eating
    That extra bowl

    There’s no Hummus like Greek Hummus
    You will cry when you run low

    Yesterday they told you you would not get some
    That night you return and there you are
    Next day on your return they have fixed you up
    So eat it now oh say yum

    You get word before the Hummus is cooked
    That your favorite uncle died at dawn
    Top of that, your ma and pa have parted
    You’re broken-hearted
    But you go on to get the Hummus

    Life may really be a bumus
    So grab some Ozu and then some humus
    And go on and eat on the run!

    Its Hummus
    Its Great
    It’s fun
    Go on and have some!

  2. A says:

    … aaaand, scene.