Berlin trip photos

Still continuing the monthlong extravaganza of returning from vacation. I actually think coming home and getting all those text messages and voice mails was more exciting than going on the trip! Happy new year to all y’all brothers and sisters, etc. (What song did they play at Axis at midnight???)

I finally got around to writing up descriptions for all the good photos from Berlin, which was only the first half of my trip. (I might do Amsterdam later, but let’s be honest, I wasn’t there as long and I didn’t take as many good pictures anyway. Also, I’m kind of busy all the time.) But, you’ll look at the Berlin pictures and you’ll like them!

It was such a fun time. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of everything that happened, for example, visiting Cafe Maredo on the first day because my mother had discovered it the night before. (When I was in high school, we learned that Maredo was a kind of cheesy chain, and it was.) The hateful waiter put a bib on me solely out of spite, or else it was because Matt and I ordered the fajitas. I guess I actually do have this photo, but I’m not giving it to you. I also don’t have a picture of the little girl on the subway to whom, at the last second, my mom gave a euro because she felt sorry that the girl had to travel around with her mother and “that loser boyfriend.” (This was the unlikely Geschenk.)

In other news, if you get BBC America, I suggest you look for the ten-minute science filmstrip spoof “Look Around You.”

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  1. A says:

    Bill, fantastic photos and great story line. The character development was a little weak, but it all worked out in the end.

    Just FYI: if you plan on posting lots of pictures in a journal form and don’t really want to worry about putting together a new page everytime, be sure to check out Smugmug ( which is what I’m using to post all of my pictures from here on out.

    It is somewhat like flickr (smugmug’s UI isn’t nearly as clean), but it is cheaper. The other nice thing is that smugmug allows viewers to leave comments on your photo albumbs or individual pictures. (Flickr also does this, though).

    If you are really bored, smugmug has an available API that you could tie into from MT, I suppose.

    To see what I’m talking about, check out:
    (and then select “journal” from the style dropdown menu). I didn’t put comments in with my pictures, but they would go beside each picture. You’ll get the idea.

    If you ever decide to sign-up with smugmug, be sure to let me know. Both you and I would get a discount in the fee.

    This infomercial is now complete.