Victory over technology!

Yes! It is true! Eleven months after The Failure, I have successfully gotten all six of my beautiful halogen lights back up and running! It’s the Summer of Bill, I tell you! The Summer of Bill!!!

And all it took was a $56 part, a ladder, twenty minutes of straining, and ten months of self-loathing! As soon as the new couch comes, I’m havin’ a party, baby!

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3 Responses

  1. justme says:

    Dear Jarrod: I paid for the wires on the floor to be fixed.. I am looking to adopt a new son. This son wont set up my web page or my jeep web pages
    I can promises you on my death you get either some jewelry or some silk blouses and one of my three mail jeeps, either a yellow one, white convertible mail jeep or blue moon mail jeep.
    You only have to visit once every 30 or so days and i will even bring food to you and throw it to you from the street.

    I would write more but I have to go play golf with Governor Taft and later we are going to a coin show. SEe you JUSTME

  2. Jarrod says:

    How about the wires on the floor???

  3. Matt says:

    Bill: I’ve found that self-loathing is the most amazing motivator. I’m voting for a party the weekend of Labor Day…

    justme: How about I sign up for a part time son duty? I’ll visit once every SIXTY days, and all I want is the white convertible mail jeep. No airborn food is necessary. I think it’s a reasonable offer.